Benefits To Your Business

  • Make a profit on international transactions instead of losing interchange revenue
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Reduce your chargebacks

Benefits For Your Customers

  • Cardholders may withdraw US currency while seeing the cost in their own currency
  • Full disclosure of exchange rate
  • No surprise charges on bank statement

Increase Your Profit on International Transactions


For IADs, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) delivers a brand new stream of income.

Today an international transaction has a negative interchange impact. With DCC, you can change these transactions into a positive revenue opportunity. Offering DCC on your ATM could add significant income for terminals in airports, popular tourist locations and communities populated with international cardholders.

Expand Your Market & Enhance Your Revenue

Every year, millions of international travelers come to the United States for education, vacations and business opportunities. As a result, your ATMs are accepting more and more transactions for cards issued outside the country. These transactions cost you interchange revenue and can be confusing to the cardholder because they are conducted in an unfamiliar currency. Switch Commerce offers a solution for both of these issues with Dynamic Currency Conversion.


Dynamic Currency Conversion at the ATM allows foreign cardholders to process transactions in their home currency. By automatically identifying foreign cards and offering DCC during the transaction, cardholders will receive full disclosure of the withdrawal amount and fees being charged to their account. This allows the cardholder to understand the exact amount charged without having to wait for their bank statement.


Most new ATM models being sold today are ready for Dynamic Currency Conversion. To get started, it is important that you contact a Switch Commerce representative to find out if your terminals are DCC capable. Some older terminals may require software and keypad updates.

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